Here are two mini MIDI Keyboard Controllers by Vangoa. In my video review below I go over the differences between the tuna and a panda midi keyboard.

At the time of making the review and this blog post I was unable to get the software for either keyboard to work. The support from Worlde was not so helpful as you will see in the video.

I’ve yet to hear back from support about the software. Updates, if any will be listed below. 

In short, these are both very cool lightweight and portable midi keyboards. Each has its own advantage of the other depending on your needs. 

Issues with the software

If you’re interested in getting these keyboards, I recommend downloading the software to see if it runs on your computer system.

I was not able to get the software to run on my Mac (OS 10.11.6) and their support was not very helpful.

You can download the manuals and software for these keyboards here.

Worlde 25 Key USB Portable Tuna Mini MIDI Keyboard MIDI Controller with 8 Knobs, 8 Drum Pads, 8 Faders, Wood Imitation Rim, Pedal Interface, for Mac and PC

Worlde Panda MINI Portable 25 Keys USB Keyboard MIDI Controller with Colorful Drum Pad

Checkout these mini midi controllers here.

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