MC Systems Apollo Guitar Pedals Reviews

This is the new Apollo Series of effects from MC Systems. This comprehensive line of eight guitar pedals is revolutionizing the stompbox world with its “V-Switch” dynamic true bypass switching, a groundbreaking technology that maximizes versatility by allowing the player to choose between two preset effect intensities by varying the force with which the switch is stomped. Fuzz, overdrive, a phaser, two chorus pedals, distortion, delay and more.

Each pedal in the line features the V-Switch functionality, set to control the most appropriate parameter for that specific effect, and the force necessary to engage it can be fine tuned via a trim pot on the bottom of each pedal. Additionally, each pedal in the Apollo line also has a second footswitch that lets you have quick access to alternate parameter settings. All MC Systems effects are designed in Australia and feature bombproof build quality and industry standard 9-volt operation.

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MC Systems Apollo Guitar Pedals Series Overview Video Playlist

Video One: Overview of all pedals You may skip ahead using the video outline below. More sound videos below.

  • 0:00 Verbal overview
  • 1:06 BWI Dynamic Fuzz
  • 1:59 LYN Dynamic Phaser
  • 2:52 NKM Dynamic Drive
  • 3:52 LAX Glass Chorus
  • 4:53 SYD String Reviver
  • 5:52 BSL Hybrid Chorus
  • 6:45 LHR Dynamic Distortion
  • 7:40 CGN Dynamic Delay
  • Video Two: Building Your Solo Tone featuring MC Systems Future Hero Jesse Kenner – Jesse Kennemer walks through the crafting of his solo tone using the MC Systems Dynamic Drive, Dynamic Delay, and Boost pedals.
  • Video Three: Dynamic Delay
  • Video Four: Glass Chorus
  • Video Five: Hybrid Chorus

Overview Of Each Pedal

The Apollo series is an essential collection of pure analog guitar pedals that feature unique functional twists. Each pedal is outfitted with our proprietary V-Switch velocity trigger, which lets you chart two distinct effect variations and activate them with different stomp pressures.

MC Systems Apollo Guitar Pedals Reviews

SYD String Reviver

The SYD String Reviver is the Apollo line’s most unique effect, designed to enhance high-end sparkle and definition in electric and acoustic-electric guitars, livening up dull strings, or just providing a more present alternate voice for the instrument. V-Switching selects between two definition settings, while the alternate switch jumps between two output levels. A dedicated Slope knob sets the curve of the SYD’s equalization circuit, fine tuning the frequency range of the effect.

NKM Dynamic Drive

The NKM Dynamic Drive is an all-analog design that offers everything from subtle clean boost to rich, tube-like sustain and saturation. Controls include a tone knob for shaping overall character, and two knobs each for drive and level parameters, which can be quickly chosen between using the NKM’s V-switch true bypass system and second “alternate” footswitch.

BWI Dynamic Fuzz

The BWI Dynamic Fuzz features an entirely analog circuit designed in the tradition of the classic transistor-based fuzz pedals, with a tone control that can take you from warm and sustaining to vintage sting. Dual selectable levels of fuzz and volume are available via the BWI’s V-switch and alternate footswitches, respectively.

MC Systems Apollo Guitar Pedals Reviews

LYN Dynamic Phaser

The LYN Dynamic Phaser provides rich, FET-based, four-stage phasing in an entirely analog circuit, with dual modulation rates selectable via the alternate footswitch, and two different phase depths available instantly with the pedal’s V-switch. A control for definition adds presence and high-end clarity.

LAX Glass Chorus

The LAX Glass Chorus is one of two chorus pedals in the Apollo line, and it features an all-analog design with a dedicated “glass” knob for controlling the amount of high-end sparkle and shimmer. In addition, the LAX offers dual selectable modulation rates, and dual chorus depth levels accessible via the pedal’s V-switch.

BSL Hybrid Chorus

The BSL Hybrid Chorus is designed around a hybrid circuit that provides both clarity and warmth in equal measure. Its V-switch selects between two chorus depth levels, while the Alternate footswitch selects between dual modulation rates. The BSL chorus’s active level knob controls the overall effect level.

LHR Dynamic Distortion

The LHR Dynamic Distortion brings the heavy with ample gain, crunch, and endless sustain. Its 100% analog circuit lends it warmth and responsiveness, and its V-switch system offers two selectable distortion levels. Additionally, the LHR’s alternate switch lets you instantly choose between two different tone settings, making for one extremely versatile distortion.

CGN Dynamic Delay

The CGN Dynamic Delay features a hybrid analog/digital signal path that offers the best of both worlds, marrying organic repeats with incredible functionality. The CGN’s V-switch lets you quickly select between two repeat levels, while the alternate switch selects between two delay time presets. A dedicated level knob controls overall delay level.

Where to buy

You can buy the MC Systems Apollo Guitar Pedals Here.



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