Donner DIA-1 Guitar Interface Review

If you’re looking for a cool less expensive alternative to an IK Multimedia iRig then the “Donner DIA-1 Guitar Interface Adaptor For iPhone,iPod Touch, IPad, Mac, and Android” would be a great choice.

I tested the DIA-1 Guitar Interface with the free version Amplitude and GarageBand on my iPhone 6 Plus. As you can hear in the demo video below I got some cool guitar sounds. Obviously, the sounds are from the amps themselves but the sound quality is from the interface.

The Donner DIA-1 Guitar Interface is great for practicing, at home or on the go with headphones.  It can be used in a live situation with a PA and used for recording as well.

Also works with Android and Mac.

Where to buy:

Check out more info and the current price of the DIA-1 Guitar Interface Here.

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