Best Online Metronome Free. Here’s a playlist of different tempos using the Donner Metrodome. Each video is about six minutes long. There is a link below to buy a metronome like tjhe one used in the video.

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Aside from practicing with metronome, here are 100’s of backing tracks to help improve your playing, songwriting, and jamming: 

Metronome Video Playlist 

Donner Metronome DPM-1

Easy To Use

The DPM-1 is very easy to use and very effective. You can choose your beat and tempo and immediately set the the pendulum into motion. It has a tempo tolerance of 1% and a beat by wood block chip sound with a 5 position on/off bell. You can easily shift the weight on the pendulum to adjust the tempo, making it faster or slower depending on the song or music you are practicing.

Wide Applicable Range

The DPM-1 is great for musicians who would like to keep their timing consistent, and their cues sharp! Our pyramid shaped metronome is made for easy and reliable use. Its volume is just loud enough to be heard over most acoustic instruments, yet not too loud as to be distracting from the music. Applicable for practicing piano, violin, guitar, bass, drum and other musical instruments.

Classic Design

Have a classic design of a pyramid style. It features a pendulum in the center that completes this classical look that all musicians love. Requiring no batteries at all, this metronome has the added advantage of being a device that never needs to be recharged and is completely mechanical and human operated

Get The Donner DPM-1 Metronome

Learn more and get the current price of The Donner Metronome Here

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Clayton Jeffrey · January 28, 2019 at 9:32 pm

I cannot open my DPM – 1 metronome Xmas gift. The release latch does not work. Can you suggest a repair location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada?

Unfortunately, I missed the Amazon return date by a few days.


Clayton Jeffrey

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