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Hi Greg here, welcome to Guitar Pedals On The Cheap. I’m a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter/producer and I run a few nitch websites. I created Guitar Pedals On The Cheap to share my experience with some of the less know guitar pedal brands such as Donner, Xvive, Ammoon, and others. I’ve been reviewing many cheap guitar pedals over the last few years and decided it was time to build a dedicated site for these reviews. Just so you know, that’s cheap as in less expensive. I’m sure you’ll find these guitar pedals to be a great value and they can save you money vs. buying from major brands. Most of the guitar pedals on Guitar Pedals On The Cheap I got from Amazon. I will also be posting other guitar related things such as the Donner Acoustic Guitar Review, Backing Tracks For Guitarist in mixed styles/tempos, drum groove backing tracks and more. The Shop section of is less expensive pedals that I haven’t reviewed or tried but I thought might be cool to add to the site. If you used any of the pedals found in the Shop section feel free to leave a review.

Best Cheap Guitar Pedals

Reviews are coming soon. This is a new site and I’ll be adding my reviews over time.

More Than Guitar Pedals

As I said above, I have some reviews of other music and guitar related products like the FZONE Condenser Microphone and the Donner Guitar Amp DEA-1 Review. I will be adding more to the store as well.  More pedals and things soon.

Backing Tracks

I’ve created 100’s of backing tracks over the last few years Check out some of these backing tracks.

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Guitar Pedals Reviews, Backing Tracks, & More

Wireless Microphone System

Wireless Microphone System. Here are a few inexpensive wireless microphone systems I reviewed. They all worked pretty well and they have different features depending on your needs. Also, check out the Wireless Guitar System Reviews. ARCHEER Wireless Microphone System Read more…

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